WEB DESIGN workshop



Do you want to learn web design? Is the cost of paying a web designer too costly? Have a website but you need to update it but don't know how?

Is the cost of paying for a website holding you back? Or is the hassle of keeping it updated driving you crazy? Or do you just want to learn how to build a website? Then my intro to web design is perfect for you. There are many programs use to build websites today, but one of the most popular is Dreamweaver. I can teach you how to build your own website, create graphics, add video and keep it updated whenever you want to. I teach the rules of the internet, how to understand web coding, how to create web pages, tables, web photo galleries, hosting setups, email account setup, page navigation, shopping cart setup and more.Our Web Design workshops are scheduled for the 3rd weekend in each month so signup today! (also you can request weekday classes) .................................Price $400

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