Website design payments made to AWP/Aldrick Williams are for a SINGLE website design only. If a customer provides design instructions, AWP will follow customers vision and design 1 sample (then modify elements if necessary). If customer does not provide design instructions, AWP will design customer's website based on info given in intial phone/office consultation. Please note AWP does not provide multiple website design samples unless customers pay for each sample. All website projects that exceed 30 days due to WEBSITE CONTENT DELAY from customer, must be paid in full to complete project. All prices are based on # of web pages and complexity of design. Increasing the number of web pages or adding design or programming elements after design begins WILL increase cost. If customer decides to cancel website design order after design has begun, no refunds will be given but may be redeemed as a credit for a future project if approved by Aldrick Williams (be sure to ask about details).

Graphic Design Disclaimer

Graphic design deposit/payments made to AWP/Aldrick Williams must be paid to start design process. Once a design is complete and approved by customer the files will go to print if needed. Customers must proof all wording and images before files go to print. We cannot assume responsibility for spelling errors, missing or incorrect information that you fail to submit or correct. Design Fees are non-refundable regardless if the design is used or not. Production and delivery times are not contractual. If your item is time sensitive plan well in advance. There will be no refunds for jobs that do not arrive by your “deadline”.


All studio/location shoots require a deposit at least 10 days prior to chosen shoot date. If a customer books a shoot 9 days or less prior to shoot date, full shoot rate must be paid before a shoot can be booked. Or a RUSH BOOKING fee will be added and must be paid prior to shoot (be sure to discuss this with Aldrick Williams). All deposits are non-refundable, but maybe be transferred to later shoot date if Aldrick Williams is notified 48 hours before shoot time by phone conversation or in person (no TEXT messages).

Note: For travel shoots, ALL TRAVELS FEES, such as flights, hotels, gas, parking, transportation, airport fees, misc, etc... for each crew member will be paid by customer. (Crew memebers usually are photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist)